Charlie Montgomery

Charlie Montgomery is a traditional fiddle player from Co Fermanagh who has lived in Auckland, New Zealand for over 60 years. He has been an inspiration for many years to people in New Zealand who have had the privilege of hearing him play. Charlie has also composed many tunes and you can find them on this page as well as him playing some old favourites.

We’d like to thank Charlie very much for giving us the privilege of being able to post these recordings. We hope you’ll enjoy listening and learning these tunes from his playing.

There are 67 tunes in this archive

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Belfast HornpipeD hornpipe
Bog down in the Valley-OD polka
Boyne HuntD reel
Bucks of OranmoreD reel
Bunch of KeysGdor reel
Caroline's FavouriteD reel
Centenary MarchD march
Charlie's JigD jig
Darling Asleep, Saddle the Pony, Lark in the MorningD,G,D jig
Drowsy MaggieEdor reel
Dunphy's HornpipeG hornpipe
EavesdropperA jig
Father Kelly's (Charlie Montgomery)Gmaj reel
Father Kelly's, Sailor on the RockG,D reel
Finlay's JigA jig
The FoxhunterA reel
Gan Ainm MarchF# march
Goodbye SnoopyG waltz
Hobby HorseD jig
Humours of Glendart, Kesh JigD,G jig
Idle RoadG reel
Irish WasherwomanGmaj jig
Jim Donoghue's ReelD reel
Jinny TurnipG jig
Joe CooleysEdor reel
Kelly the boy from KillaneD hornpipe
Liverpool HornpipeD hornpipe
Macarthur RoadD reel
Maid behind the barD reel
Maries WeddingG polka
Mason's ApronA reel
Memories Of FermanaghD air
Miss MacleodsG reel
Miss Monaghan's, MulhairesD,D reel
Montgomery's MarchD march
Morningside HornpipeGmaj hornpipe
Morrisons jig, Drowsy MaggieEdor jig, reel
Mountain RoadD reel
Mountain RoadD reel
Mountains of PomeroyG march
My Love is in AmericaDmix reel
Nancy's JigG jig
New Zealand HornpipeG hornpipe
NZ HornpipeG hornpipe
Off To Australia ReelG reel
Off to California AA hornpipe
Off to California GG hornpipe
Old FriendD air
Patricia'sD waltz
Patsy FaganD polka
The Peelers Jacket, The Torn Jacket, Lucy CampbellsG,D,D reel
Possum Hunter's ReelC reel
Sailor on the RockDmaj reel
Scotland the BraveG march
Sean HayesD barndance
Ships in Full Sail, Connaughtmans, Calliope HouseA,D,D jig
Siege of EnnisG polka
Silver Spear, Swallows Tail, The Boyne HuntD,G,D reel
Slow Air, HornpipeC,G air, hornpipe
Spuds For DinnerG reel
Stratford HornpipeD hornpipe
Sunny DaysG hornpipe
Sweetie PieAmix reel
Tobins Favourite, Cronins, Shandon BellsD,Ador,D jig
Trip To DevonportG hornpipe
Two Jigs jig
Warwick's JigG jig