Here’s some other sources of tunes you might find useful. If you look at nothing else make sure you check out Charlie Montomery’s tunes on this website.

Charlie Montgomery

Inishowen Traditional Music Project

Music from the Inishowen Peninsula, Donegal

Tommy Potts

Paddy Fahey tunes

The Northern Fiddler

Music and Musicians of Donegal and Tyrone

Sets of tunes put together by Paddy O’Brien

Dunedin Fiddle Orchestra

Miscellaneous Tune Books

Begged Borrowed and Stolen

Some other tunebooks from early days of ABC i.e. the 1990s

Sean Manning’s Sets (Dunedin)

You can also get copies of the ABC files that were used to generate some of these PDFs:

ABCs from our Tunes Archive

You can download a file containing all the ABCs from the Tunes Archive page on this site. There are a number of tools you can use to read this file and print copies of tunes from it. We’ve used EasyABC in the past.